Product for Vehicle Use

Products for vehicle use need to be working in the environments of drastic vibration, unstable power supply and high temperature, so the flash memory modules of high temperature tolerance (-40℃~85℃), vibration-proof and high reliability are needed.

The flash memory modules for vehicle use from EmBestor Technology conforms to the standard of TS16949 Quality Management System for Automobiles. The specification and production process meet the requirements of automobiles. Meanwhile, the flash memory modules of industrial level from EmBestor Technology have the mechanism of data protection from abnormal power outage, which can fix the problems of data missing caused by unstable power supply in the vehicles.

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EmBestor Technology provides customers many solutions in flash memory modules of industrial level, which can satisfy specifications for vehicle use. Customers can find what they need from our solutions. Our products have the capabilities of temperature tolerance, dust- proof, water-proof, vibration-proof and high reliability. Compatibility and quality are validated. All operating systems and applications are supported. We have a professional tech team, which provides fixed BOM warranty and customized service.

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