Data protection from abnormal power outage

The data correctness and reliability of flash memory modules are extremely critical to the controlling function of industrial applications.

Important parameters for the machine operations, customers' data and production records are often be stored in the flash memory modules. Therefore, data missing or damage in the flash memory modules can cause serious problems in the controlling function of industrial applications. Under the circumstances of sudden power outage, data missing is very likely to happen. Hence, protection from the abnormal power outage for the industrial products is very critical and necessary.

The industrial level flash memory module from EmBestor Technology can protect data integrity for our customers under the circumstances of abnormal power outage (such as data writing, reading and erasing). The mechanism can ensure the data correctness and promote the reliability of flash memory. It can also minimize the risk of equipment damage due to sudden power outage.

Providing professional services

EmBestor Technology can develop products based on the customers' needs or the industry standard to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, which produce flash memory modules with high performance, high durability and high reliability for our customers

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