Verification of System Robustness of Military and Industrial Level

EmBestor Technology provides the flash memory modules of military level and industrial level, which can be used in the applications of military and industry.
In the extreme environment of high humidity, dust, vibration, drastic temperature change, etc., our modules can normally function, which is vital for the sensitive data.

The flash memory modules from EmBestor Technology have passed the reliability tests by the third-party organizations. These tests conform to the regulations of military level and industrial level and the test reports are comprehensive and highly credible. To satisfy customers' needs for the applications of military level and industrial level, EmBestor Technology provides them with memory modules with high reliability, which can be used in their products to pass the verification of system robustness of military level and industrial level.

Providing professional services

EmBestor Technology can develop products based on the customers' needs or the industry standard to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, which produce flash memory modules with high performance, high durability and high reliability for our customers

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