Planning and Development of System Solutions

The tech team of EmBestor Technology has many years of experience in designing and developing the flash IC controller and specializes in the flash memory storage system and its applications. We currently have several dozens of successful development projects, which demonstrates our expertise and experience in process technology, design methodology, package, testing and HW/FW/SW Integration. In addition, EmBestor Technology also dedicates itself to developing new products and technology with all its resources, as well as strategies for new application market. These professional efforts will help customers creating their own ASIC products.

100+ We currently have several dozens of successful development projects

In addition, different verifications are needs for each step of the process, from development to manufacturing. such as engineering verification test (EVT), design verification test (DVT), production verification test (PVT) and mass production (MP). The corresponding software and hardware can be designed and developed by EmBestor Technology based on the customers' needs or the industrial standard, such as design of circuit board, testing tools and software interface integration. We will provide our customers with comprehensive solutions.

Providing professional services

EmBestor Technology can develop products based on the customers' needs or the industry standard to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, which produce flash memory modules with high performance, high durability and high reliability for our customers

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