Management of reading disturbance

With the development of semi-conductor manufacturing process, the memory unit is getting smaller and smaller and
then reading disturbance gradually becomes an important factor in the reliability of accessing flash memory.
Reading disturbance usually happens when large amount of data is accessed.
These readings may alter the bit status of the surrounding units, resulting in data errors.

The bit errors caused by reading disturbance can be removed after the block is erased. That is to say, reading disturbance can be managed by effective methods. Because the data correctness and reliability of flash memory modules are extremely important, reading disturbance should be well managed.

To improve the impact of reading disturbance on flash memory, the controllers from EmBestor Technology can effectively reduce the reading disturbance by monitoring the number of bits and readings where errors happen. If the number of bits and readings where errors happen is close to the default upper limit, data will be copied to another block and the original block will be erased. The management technology for reading disturbance on flash memory promotes the data correctness and reliability of flash memory.

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