Technology of Super MLC (sMLC)

The technology of super MLC (sMLC) from EmBestor Technology is to use the flash memory of multi-level cell (MLC) to store one bit in one unit under the single level cell (SLC) storage mode instead of the MLC mode, which store 2 bits in one unit. Therefore, compared to the regular MLC flash memory, sMLC can provide higher performance, longer data storage and more durability.
The technology of super MLC (sMLC) from EmBestor Technology improves the writing performance of the flash memory. The writing speed is 4 times higher than that of regular MLC.
It is equivalent to the writing performance of SLC flash memory. In addition, the sMLC technology also improves the durability of memory modules.

The life of sMLC (cycle time of writing/erasing) is about 10 times longer than that of regular MLC.

As for the market of industrial controllers, the sMLC technology from EmBestor Technology provides the products of MLC flash memory with higher performance and more durability. In addition, sMLC products are cheaper than SLC products. The technology of sMLC from EmBestor Technology offers another product with high performance/price ratio for the market of industrial level flash memory storage.

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EmBestor Technology can develop products based on the customers' needs or the industry standard to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, which produce flash memory modules with high performance, high durability and high reliability for our customers

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